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Google Wave Programming Articles Update

There were 2 articles posted in Google App Engine experiments blog.

1. Episode 7: Writing your First Google Wave Robot (https://gaejexperiments.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/episode-7-writing-your-first-google-wave-robot/)

2. Episode 11: Develop Simple Google Wave Robots using the WadRobotFramework (https://gaejexperiments.wordpress.com/2009/12/03/episode-11-develop-simple-google-wave-robots-using-the-wadrobotframework/)

I have updated both of these articles. The reasons for updating them are:

1. Google released a newer version of the Robots API : Version 2.0. They have recommended that all Robots written with the earlier API (which the articles covered) should be ported to use the new Version 2.0 API. The older API will be deprecated by end June.

2. WadRobotFramework (http://code.google.com/p/wadrobotframework) has also undergone an update to use the newer version 2.0 of the Robot API internally. Along with that, WadRobotFramework has also introduced several new features including a generator (so you almost end up writing as few lines as possible, the concept of obedience, etc.).

You will find both these articles updated at my new Blog (Google Wave Experiments) that is focused on Google Wave programming. Please find the articles over here:

Episode 1 : Writing your First Google Wave Robot using Robot API v2

Episode 2 : Writing a Wave Robot using WadRobotFramework

Hope you like the articles. I am looking forward to your feedback and want to know what you would like to see covered vis-a-vis Google Wave Programming so that I can conduct my experiments accordingly.

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